Our Services in Minnesota

Welcome to our local pest control services in the Brainerd Lakes Area! We understand the challenges posed by Minnesota's climate, which can lead to pest infestations. That's why we provide a range of pest services tailored to ensure your home remains pest-free.


Pest Control

The local climate in our area often leads to various pest infestations. Rest assured, our team of local exterminators is well-equipped to eradicate the following bugs from your home: 

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Asian Lady Beetles

Rodent Control

Securing rodent control services is crucial to defending your home against unwelcome intruders such as rats and mice. These pests have the potential to inflict structural harm, transmit diseases, and foster unhygienic environments. Shield your home from these pesty rodents by contacting Keep Out Pest Control Inc. for expert rodent control.


Stinging Insect Control

When dealing with stinging pests like bees, wasps, and hornets, taking precautions is paramount. Rest assured, Keep Out Pest Control Inc.'s exterminators possess the expertise to effectively manage these stinging insects and more!


Mosquito Control

Bid farewell to bothersome mosquito bites and reclaim your outdoor areas. Our highly potent treatments are crafted to specifically target and eradicate mosquitoes, guaranteeing you can relish your backyard without enduring the persistent annoyance and health risks linked to these pesky insects.


Bed Bug Control

If you wake up to find red, splotchy bites on your feet, a bed bug infestation may be the culprit. While these bugs aren't life-threatening, they're certainly irritating and can disrupt sleep while causing various health concerns. Reach out to Keep Out Pest Control Inc. for dependable bed bug treatment you can rely on!